OrthoCAD - Case Manager Clinic
Typical Installation / Configurations  / Instructions

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Recommended Configuration

Office /Home Systems                                                                                                          

Office Configuration

Installation Instructions 

iTero Scanner

Case Manager Clinic                                                                                                             

Office OrthoCAD Workstations

Home Workstation / Laptop


Recommended Configuration

Office/Home Systems

For office/home users, the OrthoCAD software (also known as Orthocad Online) can be installed on a laptop or desktop computer. The doctor can then access patient files via the www.MyAligntech.com site.

Office Configuration

In the recommended network configuration, the Case Manager Clinic software and Storage Folder reside on the same computer, as shown in the example below, and all OrthoCAD stations can access the Storage Folder via LAN or access patient files via the www.MyAligntech.com site.

Installation Instructions


Go to the “iTero Scanner Installation” page in MyCadent support pages

Follow instructions to install latest versions of iTero Scanner and OrthoCAD for iTero Scanner

Office Case Manager Clinic

In the server/PC used for Case Manager Clinic:

1.        Login with user that has installation permissions

2.        For the following installation: Case Manager Clinic download
 from link below.


1.        Once downloaded/saved, double-click on the appropriate .exe file:


                 2.  The following CMC (Case Manager Clinic) setup screen appears:


                 3. Click Next, install or finish in the following screens 



3.        When the following screen appears, click on ‘Finish’ until installation is done.



The next time you will log on to Case Manager Clinic, a version number will appear on the top left of the screen

Office OrthoCAD Workstations:

In any home computer and/or laptop you want OrthoCAD on:

1.        Login to Windows as a user that has installation permissions

2.        For the following installation: OrthoCAD (online); download from
   link below.


    1.        Once downloaded/saved, double-click on the appropriate .exe file:



2.        The OrthoCAD setup wizard will start with the following screen:

3.        Then press on the Next button:




Accept the agreement and Press Next:




Then, press the “Install” button to start the installation:


Then “Finish”:


When the installation is over, you will be prompted with information about the latest features of this new version and some recommendation for use. The following information below will show:

Release Notes


Now there is option to view restorative cases with color


Transfer color downstream to OrthoCAD

Now OrthoCAD users can see color data the same way as the doctor on the scanner.

OrthoCAD users will now have the option to view orthodontic cases with color:

Multi Bite

Once the scan has been sent, the iTero Element Viewer will utilise the same button for toggling the bite positions and OrthoCAD will also support the bite toggle using the following icon:



A new web-based Rx for all users (doctors, lab and modeling) similar to the Rx currently in use on the scanner. This Rx is friendly to Asian languages, both on the scanner and on the iTero SW.

Web Rx includes the doctor’s signature. It will be open as writable or read-only – keeping today’s logic.

For Labs all WebRx sections shall be expanded by default when opening the WebRx.

The WebRx will include the order information section.

General info and Order info shall be collapsed for modelers.

Internal users will be able to add “Aligntech Notes”.

Modelers and Lab users will see the new Rx embedded in iTero instead of the current Rx.

For Modelers the following sections shall be expanded and visible upon opening the WebRx:

Ø  Tooth Diagram

Ø  Treatment information

Ø  Notes (doctor,lab)

Ø  Aligntech Notes